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Over the last week we have seen an extraordinary turn of events over the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. The most bizarre pieces to the puzzle defy simple logic.

Despite the high level contact between the Defence Minister’s office and the AFP, Mr Morrison insists that nobody told him about the rape until published the story at 8am on Monday, February 15.

However, questions were lodged on Friday, February 12 at 2.30pm and information sought from his chief of staff, principal private secretary and another staffer with knowledge of the rape in his office over the weekend, Nobody in the office told the PM that the story was about to be published.

Two of his Senators have known for 2 years what went on. The Defence COS now works in his office. Several key advisors also knew what went on. For Morrison to deny all knowledge until last Monday just defies logic. What is he? Deaf?

The Crime Minister’s defences have all employed peculiar wording. His pusillanimous response to a PQT question from Tanya Plibersek on Tuesday was peculiar in that he responded in the third party as if he wasn’t there: “Morrison: Mr Speaker, I can only inform the House of the information that I know - that I have been advised of. And the information that I have been advised of is that my office became aware of the allegations of a sexual assault on 12 February of 2021. That is my information. That is what I know to be the information as it has been provided to me, based on what has occurred over these last 24 hours. Now, I can only tell you what I know to be the case, based on that information presented to me. I can’t provide another set of information. Mr Speaker, I note the statement that has been issued today by Brittany Higgins, and I welcome that statement. And, Mr Speaker, that statement, I think, recognises the steps that the Government is taking, and I welcome the additional suggestions made today. And I note, Mr Speaker, it concludes with this, “I ask for my privacy to now be respected as I begin to emotionally recover from this difficult period and wish to make no further comment.” Now, Mr Speaker, I will be complying with that request, Mr Speaker.

He was advised that his office became aware? Not him? His repetition after that is also strange “That is what I know to be the information as it has been provided to me,”. And as usual, he creates several pieces of spin in what follows ending with his intention to “comply with that request” (for privacy). Of course he would – hoe wants this to all simply go away.

All in all, Morrison’s reply was constructed in the third party as if he wasn’t there. It was also superfluous and could have been uttered in a quarter of the words. And finally, he used his typical sycophantic “Mr Speaker” 6 times! We know from past experience that when he does that, he is lying and conjuring up spin to disguise the fact! He also uses that to show his typical lack of respect not only for the Opposition but especially their female members.


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