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On looking at the ministers and their portfolios in the Labor Party we can see a lot of thought has been put into selecting the best team to go to the election. Anthony has chosen 11 women and 11 men to represent ALL of us in the lead up to the election.

People still want to criticize Anthony Albanese for reshuffling his cabinet but the Right Wing detractors will continue until Election Day as that’s the Murdoch/Morrison/IPA way. Morrison seems frightened by this reshuffle and Labor voters should take heart that Anthony is getting under his skin.

Murdoch, Morrison and his goons would have been working overtime to find some dirty laundry on Anthony Albanese and they have come up empty handed. We all saw the hatchet job the paid trolls did on Bill and Chloe Shorten. The outrageous lies, the bullying and harassment, nothing ever came from the alleged scandals. Everything went quiet when Morrison stole the election. So it was all lies perpetuated by the lowlifes that Morrison and Murdoch pay.

It wasn’t just Bill that was abused and bullied, the disgraceful attacks on Tanya Plibersek and her family was contemptible. The underhanded behaviour by Morrison’s supporters personally attacking Labor Ministers and their families was something this Editor had never seen before in Australian politics.

The loathsome Morrison supporters have been shown to lie for the faux Christian Morrison and they will continue to do it in the run up to the next election as Morrison and the LNP cannot win on their achievements as they have none.

We need to be prepared for the lies and we need to support the talented cabinet that Anthony has selected. I for one would prefer my Attorney General to be Mark Dreyfus than Christian Porter who wants to remove workers rights.

I would prefer Australia’s Treasurer to be Jim Chalmers and not the incompetent Frydenberg who made a $60 billion bungle with JobKeeper and increased our debt to nearly a trillion dollars.

Our seniors and Aged would be in better hands with Mark Butler and Clare O’Neil than Colbeck and Morrison who allowed over 700 aged care residents to die under their care during the Pandemic.

How safe we would be with Penny Wong in charge of Foreign Affairs , compared to Marise Payne . And to have Richard Marles as Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister instead of Morrison’s clown Michael McCormick.

We must keep the faith, call out the Morrison/Murdoch lies.

Labor have talent in their party, Morrison has thieves and con men.

As Anthony Albanese said Australia needs a Labor Government.


• Hon Anthony Albanese MPHon Anthony Albanese MPMember for Grayndler, New South Wales

• Dr Anne Aly MPDr Anne Aly MPMember for Cowan, Western Australia

• Hon Sharon Bird MPHon Sharon Bird MPMember for Cunningham, New South Wales

• Hon Chris Bowen MPHon Chris Bowen MPMember for McMahon, New South Wales

• Hon Tony Burke MPHon Tony Burke MPMember for Watson, New South Wales

• Hon Linda Burney MPHon Linda Burney MPMember for Barton, New South Wales

• Mr Josh Burns MPMr Josh Burns MPMember for Macnamara, Victoria

• Hon Mark Butler MPHon Mark Butler MPMember for Hindmarsh, South Australia

• Ms Terri Butler MPMs Terri Butler MPMember for Griffith, Queensland

• Hon Anthony Byrne MPHon Anthony Byrne MPMember for Holt, Victoria

• Dr Jim Chalmers MPDr Jim Chalmers MPMember for Rankin, Queensland

• Mr Nick Champion MPMr Nick Champion MPMember for Spence, South Australia

• Ms Lisa Chesters MPMs Lisa Chesters MPMember for Bendigo, Victoria

• Hon Jason Clare MPHon Jason Clare MPMember for Blaxland, New South Wales

• Ms Sharon Claydon MPMs Sharon Claydon MPMember for Newcastle, New South Wales

• Ms Libby Coker MPMs Libby Coker MPMember for Corangamite, Victoria

• Hon Julie Collins MPHon Julie Collins MPMember for Franklin, Tasmania

• Mr Pat Conroy MPMr Pat Conroy MPMember for Shortland, New South Wales

• Mr Milton Dick MPMr Milton Dick MPMember for Oxley, Queensland

• Hon Mark Dreyfus QC, MPHon Mark Dreyfus QC, MPMember for Isaacs, Victoria

• Hon Justine Elliot MPHon Justine Elliot MPMember for Richmond, New South Wales

• Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MPHon Joel Fitzgibbon MPMember for Hunter, New South Wales

• Dr Mike Freelander MPDr Mike Freelander MPMember for Macarthur, New South Wales

• Mr Steve Georganas MPMr Steve Georganas MPMember for Adelaide, South Australia

• Mr Andrew Giles MPMr Andrew Giles MPMember for Scullin, Victoria

• Mr Patrick Gorman MPMr Patrick Gorman MPMember for Perth, Western Australia

• Mr Luke Gosling OAM, MPMr Luke Gosling OAM, MPMember for Solomon, Northern Territory

• Mr Chris Hayes MPMr Chris Hayes MPMember for Fowler, New South Wales

• Mr Julian Hill MPMr Julian Hill MPMember for Bruce, Victoria

• Hon Ed Husic MPHon Ed Husic MPMember for Chifley, New South Wales

• Mr Stephen Jones MPMr Stephen Jones MPMember for Whitlam, New South Wales

• Ms Ged Kearney MPMs Ged Kearney MPMember for Cooper, Victoria

• Mr Matt Keogh MPMr Matt Keogh MPMember for Burt, Western Australia

• Mr Peter Khalil MPMr Peter Khalil MPMember for Wills, Victoria

• Hon Catherine King MPHon Catherine King MPMember for Ballarat, Victoria

• Ms Madeleine King MPMs Madeleine King MPMember for Brand, Western Australia

• Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MPHon Dr Andrew Leigh MPMember for Fenner, Australian Capital Territory

• Hon Richard Marles MPHon Richard Marles MPMember for Corio, Victoria

• Ms Kristy McBain MPMs Kristy McBain MPMember for Eden-Monaro, New South Wales

• Ms Emma McBride MPMs Emma McBride MPMember for Dobell, New South Wales

• Mr Brian Mitchell MPMr Brian Mitchell MPMember for Lyons, Tasmania

• Mr Rob Mitchell MPMr Rob Mitchell MPMember for McEwen, Victoria

• Dr Daniel Mulino MPDr Daniel Mulino MPMember for Fraser, Victoria

• Ms Peta Murphy MPMs Peta Murphy MPMember for Dunkley, Victoria

• Hon Shayne Neumann MPHon Shayne Neumann MPMember for Blair, Queensland

• Hon Brendan O'Connor MPHon Brendan O'Connor MPMember for Gorton, Victoria

• Ms Clare O'Neil MPMs Clare O'Neil MPMember for Hotham, Victoria

• Ms Julie Owens MPMs Julie Owens MPMember for Parramatta, New South Wales

• Ms Alicia Payne MPMs Alicia Payne MPMember for Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

• Mr Graham Perrett MPMr Graham Perrett MPMember for Moreton, Queensland

• Mrs Fiona Phillips MPMrs Fiona Phillips MPMember for Gilmore, New South Wales

• Hon Tanya Plibersek MPHon Tanya Plibersek MPMember for Sydney, New South Wales

• Hon Amanda Rishworth MPHon Amanda Rishworth MPMember for Kingston, South Australia

• Ms Michelle Rowland MPMs Michelle Rowland MPMember for Greenway, New South Wales

• Ms Joanne Ryan MPMs Joanne Ryan MPMember for Lalor, Victoria

• Hon Bill Shorten MPHon Bill Shorten MPMember for Maribyrnong, Victoria

• Mr David Smith MPMr David Smith MPMember for Bean, Australian Capital Territory

• Hon Warren Snowdon MPHon Warren Snowdon MPMember for Lingiari, Northern Territory

• Ms Anne Stanley MPMs Anne Stanley MPMember for Werriwa, New South Wales

• Ms Meryl Swanson MPMs Meryl Swanson MPMember for Paterson, New South Wales

• Ms Susan Templeman MPMs Susan Templeman MPMember for Macquarie, New South Wales

• Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MPHon Matt Thistlethwaite MPMember for Kingsford Smith, New South Wales

• Ms Kate Thwaites MPMs Kate Thwaites MPMember for Jagajaga, Victoria

• Ms Maria Vamvakinou MPMs Maria Vamvakinou MPMember for Calwell, Victoria

• Mr Tim Watts MPMr Tim Watts MPMember for Gellibrand, Victoria

• Ms Anika Wells MPMs Anika Wells MPMember for Lilley, Queensland

• Mr Josh Wilson MPMr Josh Wilson MPMember for Fremantle, Western Australia

• Mr Tony Zappia MPMr Tony Zappia MPMember for Makin, South Australia.

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