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Ministers from the Federal LNP are voicing their own personal opinions and appear to be going against party lines.

We have married Senior ministers Porter and Tudge involved in relationships with staffers that was aired on the ABC that Morrison says he knew nothing about.

We’ve had a staffers alleged that the rape was kept secret from Morrison (so he says) for 2 years. We have senior ministers supposedly keeping secrets from Morrison, even Morrison’s own office didn’t inform him of the attack and coverup of Ms Higgins alleged rape. So who is in control?.

No one believes Morrison’s “I didn’t know”, former ministers and Prime Ministers have said it’s impossible that he didn’t know, so with that knowledge the Governor General should remove Morrison as Prime Ministers as he has lied in the Parliament , and his ministers ranting and raving all over their pages pushing their own agendas is not what is good for Australia.

This I know nothing attitude of Morrison does not make him a good leader.

We now have Matt Canavan suggesting Australians use Parler instead of Facebook. Parler known for pushing the far right agenda of the Proud Boys, Parler with ties to Russia. Parler who supported the terrorist acts on American soil. This is who Matt Canavan trusts.

Then we have Christiansen and Kelly spreading dangerous misinformation during a pandemic , but Morrison did nothing and just said that they are entitled to their opinion.

Surely the LNP have a Code of Conduct, every business has one, we must all follow our businesses Code of Conduct or we are reprimanded .And our jobs and our Code of Conduct does not affect an entire country.

We have Barnaby Joyce wanting Green funding to be used to support and build new coal infrastructure.

Back to the disastrous handling of Ms Higgins.

It’s hard to believe Linda Reynolds kept the alleged rape in her office secret from HER Prime Minister, it’s hard to believe that the Attorney General Porter wasn’t informed. Who approved and paid for the deep clean destroying evidence in the ministers office?

Who decided not to order an ambulance for Ms Higgins ?, if Ms Higgins was taken to hospital she would have been examined and bloods taken, to whether Ms Higgins had been drugged prior to her arrival at Parliament House?

Who were the Security Guards and why did they allow this staffer or minister to enter Parliament House after hours with an obviously distressed female? Why would they open a door to a ministers office and then allow the perpetrator to leave leaving Ms Higgins alone in the Defense Ministers office.

This stinks, there are ministers and public servants that have been hiding this for 2 years and now our disgraceful government and their troll network go on the attack and attack Ms Higgins and her partner.

At the Bulletin we wonder if this was a lowly staffer , why this wasn’t handled after the election properly?

Why weren’t the authorities notified and charges placed?

Too many unanswered questions and unless it’s an independent body we may never know the answers as we’ve witnessed too many times this Government investigating itself goes nowhere.

At the Bulletin we didn’t think the Government could go any lower but with Morrison at the helm the Federal LNP have stooped lower than any other government.

Who in the attached photo didn’t know?


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