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At the Bulletin we have been critical of Anthony Albanese as we try to be fair , but the attacks on Anthony Albanese being too soft , not being inspirational is just a load up bull dust.

So called Labor voters attacking the Labor leader, maybe 6 months out from an election is just madness. If we change the leader now we are doing exactly what MSM, Murdoch and Morrison want. Imagine the front pages of Murdoch media, imagine the Sky News commentators blabbing about dissent in the Labor party. It would not matter what policies Labor put forward , all we will hear is that Labor have problems. We must stop doing Murdoch and Morrison’s bidding by plunging the knife in Anthony Albanese’s back. Labor voters must stop spreading the garbage and undermining Anthony Albanese. No matter what you may personally think of Anthony Albanese, he has a heart. He is sincere and he’s honest. We all know that’s not the case with Morrison. Let’s do a comparison Morrison , a corrupt , greedy, lying , backstabbing cult member ; or Anthony Albanese , an honest politician who actually cares about Australians and Australia. Anthony , a politician that has come up through the ranks, who has lived on welfare and knows how it feels to go hungry, something Morrison knows nothing about. Morrison has lied to get to the position he has , he’s stabbed Michael Towke in the back to get preselected for Cook . Morrison sacked by Howard at Tourism Australia and sacked from New Zealand Tourism . Morrison’s CV is trash yet he’s Australia’s Prime Minister and he’s a disgrace. Some may say Anthony is uninspiring , BUT , would we prefer Morrison , a smirking lowlife that has threatened struggling Australians with RoboDebt and left children incarcerated on Christmas Island? People complain Anthony is lacklustre, BUT would we prefer the show pony that’s Morrison, that pays for a film crew and photographers to follow him around trying to convince us that he’s one of us, now that’s a laugh. Australian Labor voters have watched as the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison governments have destroyed what was great about Australia and Morrison is not finished. We need to vote on policies and not personalities. Labor had great policies last election but the lies from the LNP and Murdoch and $80 million from Palmer sunk our chances to stop the LNP rot. Morrison cares more about his cult and his mentor who protects pedophiles. Morrison has skimmed more money off the Australian taxpayer to help Murdoch, Palmer, Houston and the Pentecostal cult. Morrison might profess to be a Christian but his beliefs are so far removed from the scriptures that it’s an insult to anyone that does believe. We must stand by Anthony Albanese, we must support Labor as it’s not just Anthony who will be watching over us we have Dreyfus , Chalmers , Wong , Plibersek , Keneally, Bowen , Burke , Butler and all the caring ministers in the Labor party. OR would we prefer the beasts in the LNP like Porter , Tudge , Frydenberg , McCormack , Dutton , and Taylor just to name a few as the list of criminals in the LNP is long. This editor cannot think of one decent , honest LNP minister. We must support Labor to save Australia.

Australia's next Prime Minister , Anthony Albanese.

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