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Australian voters have to stop being selfish and demanding that Labor change everything in this upcoming election.

It’s been 8 long years since Labor was in power, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison have been systematically crippling Australia and Australians with their neglect, arrogance and corruption.

Australians have lost a lot of rights that we fought hard for because of the underhanded actions of Morrison, Frydenberg and Porter and the Liberals will continue if they are re-elected, no one will be safe.

Not every voter is going to be happy with every policy BUT it’s either accept Labor and their policies and then push forward for changes from a political party that has empathy and can be reasoned with or leave Australia in the hands of the corrupt LNP and big mining who will leave nothing.

We witnessed how a small number of people last election feared for their Franking Credits so they voted against the greater good now they are suffering. They believed the Morrison, Wilson lies that Labor was attacking Pensioners retirement, when in fact it’s the LNP attacking Australian workers pensions and superannuation.

Pensioners who have voted Liberal have been tossed to the scrap heap by Morrison. No increase in Pensions and if Morrison is elected Indue Card for all. As a vote for Morrison is a vote of approval of his parties bad behaviour, unfair policies and destructiveness.

People nearing retirement age could be forced to borrow against their home that they worked hard for just to receive a pension that they had already paid for through their taxes.

Under Morrison, young Australian workers will lose the right for superannuation as they are told they cannot have a home and a pension. The Liberals and especially Wilson is pushing this and anyone with any intelligence can see what will happen.

No inheritance for any working class Australian families. Families that have worked hard to pay off their family homes will have it ripped away by the Australian LNP government as payment for your pension which you worked for.

The Liberals do not want to see ordinary Australians bettering themselves or their lives, that’s why they have increased the cost of University courses, making it harder for hard working Australians to help further the education of their children.

The LNP and especially under Morrison and his current crop of corrupt ministers want to keep the workers down. Unless you are one of the privileged few they will not let you improve your life or your families life.

The LNP care nothing about 80% of the population, we all know that they have lied, cheated and mislead the Australian public on numerous occasions, yet they face no consequences.

We know ministers like Taylor, Dutton, Joyce and Frydenberg have financially benefited by suspect deals yet they NEVER are prosecuted or sacked by Morrison. Ms Cash has cost the Australian taxpayer over $1.2 million to keep her out of the courts.

The LNP and especially Morrison has gone out of his way to punish electorates that DON’T support him, Eden Monaro by election proved that. All those promises to the fire ravaged area if they had elected another Pentecostal, Fiona Kotvojs when the voters of Eden Monaro chose to punish Morrison by not supporting him and his hand picked candidate, he turned his back on Eden Monaro. Another typical display of childish bullying by a Prime Minister who is more concerned about himself and his Pentecostal religion than the voters of Australia.

Let’s remember the Rorts, sorry if we miss any it’s hard to keep track.

Sports Rorts Infrastructure Rorts Car park Rorts Bushfire Rorts Badgerys Creek Airport Rorts Regional growth fund Rorts NewsCorp Rorts The list is endless.

Our aim at the next election should be to kick out the LNP, the Government and the Prime Minister that has done more damage to Australia than any other government.

To affect change in Australia we must trust the Labor party. The LNP will NEVER support renewables, the LNP will NEVER support workers rights, the LNP will NEVER support higher education for all. The LNP will never support the return of Australian owned manufacturing. The LNP will NEVER support compassion and inclusivity.

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Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson
Feb 19, 2021

run on the platform of reducing pollies wages... and no gold card

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