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The Member for Manilla , with a penchant for ladyboys , George Christensen must have heard the saying ," those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?

He really should not be trying to attract attention as the first thing that comes to mind in regards to Georgie boy , is how he was filmed by Chinese operatives having sex with an underage "sex worker" in the Phillipines.

And then he was blackmailed using that footage. ASIS had to go and "buy back" the footage to end the blackmail.

One can only guess what he gave the Chinese operatives and whether he compromised our National security ?

And what price was paid by ASIS to retrieve said footage.

Then there's the certified imbecile Craig "Im a failed furniture salesman" Kelly.

Not much can be said of this fool that has not already been said.

The intelligence of a half brick and the personality of one of Clive Palmer's slippers. His electorate is organising a genuine independent candidate especially to get rid of him and are hoping to actually be represented in parliament .

A Government , an organisation , a person , is only as good as it's "weakest link" . Craig and George are this Governments weakest links . The Morrison Govt is woefully lacking on many fronts although compassion , honesty , integrity and intelligence seem to be most lacking .

A thoroughly corrupt government replete with the worst kind of characters. Ones that want to hold power and not "govern" for the people.

A sad situation for our country indeed.

R. Wallace

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