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DAN ANDREWS : He's not a queue jumper like the PM

Not like the PM.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he is more than confident the coronavirus vaccine works, but he won’t be jumping the queue to get it.

At least 580 people were vaccinated in Victoria on Monday as the nation’s biggest immunisation program got under way, but the Premier wasn’t one of them.

When asked on Tuesday when the state should expect him to receive the jab, he told reporters that he was very much focused on frontline workers and vulnerable Victorians getting it first.

“As a result of my age and as a result of the fact I don’t have a whole lot of underlying health conditions, there are people that are far more needy than me, and they should be getting the jab before I do,” Mr Andrews said.

But the Premier stressed that he would be getting vaccinated, as would his wife Catherine, their kids and his mum "because it works”.

“It shouldn’t be in any way interpreted as a lack of confidence, far from it, I am more than confident that the world scientists have worked so hard,” he said.

“When I do get it, probably from my local pharmacist or GP, I’ll be sure to send a photo around so everyone is in no doubt that I have had it done.”

Victoria’s Health Minister Martin Foley has also indicated that he’ll be waiting his turn in the queue to get the jab.

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