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Margaret Court may try to defend her bigoted comments by pointing out she teaches the bible , which many disregard as a fraud and social control mechanism of the highest calibre.

She is a member of the cult of Pentecostalism and as such is not even perceived as a Christian by many Christians.

She is a member of Morrison's cult , which most likely explains why she is being awarded another Australia day honour.

A person is only as good as their weakest link and therefore claims that she is the greatest female tennis player ever are irrelevant. And attempting to live on old and past victories is an act of a freeloader.

Bread not circuses I say. And that sport is the opiate of the masses.

She is no Gough Whitlam , nor anyone who has contributed to our quality of life or the laws of the land in any way. She is only a sportsperson.

So , a bigoted , homophobe who has offended many people with her religiotarded and offensive anti equality comments deserves the ire of the people , no more , no less.

She certainly does not deserve to be rewarded with yet another medal for being a racist homophobe with an elitist attitude to boot.

Furthermore , being a member of the Hillsong cult is tantamount to approving of pedophilia as the Hillsong founder was a pedophile and his son who leads Hillsong now , protected and lied for his father ,a known pedophile.

Margaret court , you are an extremely offensive has been.

Please go away.

R Wallace , AuspollBulletin

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