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They have a proven track record of responsible economic management and have kept all Western Australians safe during the Covid19 crisis.

Mark and his team have also done an excellent job of budget repair after the Liberals came VERY close to bankrupting the state.

The WA Labor govt have ALL their election promises costed and are affordable while the boy scout Kirkup looks to want to attempt to bankrupt the state again with un costed and extremely vague election "promises". A true sign of desperation in the face of certain defeat.

The Kirkup has only been "leader" for a very short time , not long enough for Western Australians to forget how a Liza Harvey led state Liberal party repeatedly called for the hard border to come down 70 odd times !

Nor will WA citizens forget the corrupt acts of ALL state liberals, including the Boy scout Kirkup , in protecting some of their own from the corruption commission by refusing commissioner McKechnie a second term.

And where were the Liberals while Mark McGowan and John Quigley staunchly defended all Western Australians from the marauding enemy of the state , Clive Palmer ?

They were tacitly BACKING him !.

This WA State Election is simply a contest between a proven , trusted , and extremely competent incumbent government for the people , and a bunch of corrupt political hacks who are only interested in seizing power for their corporate masters using any means necessary.

It is a contest between an ex submariner/commando and a boy scout.

It will be a "no contest". and as the Kirkup is only hanging on to his Dawesville seat by 0.8 of a percent , he and many other Liberals look to be about to lose their seats. Both Liberal and labor internal polling shows a loss to the liberals of many seats. And deservedly so as all the liberals have done is push WA into greater debt whenever they have been in power , leaving labor to do the hard yards and dig us out of that debt.

And lets not forget that it was the liberals under Barnett that wasted the bulk of WA's mining boom on ill conceived and inappropriate "investments" that left WA nearly broke when we SHOULD have been doing rather well.

The liberals cannot be trusted , it is as simple as that. They are a business franchise and not a political party, and as such really should be deregistered.

This may be the end result of the election anyway as the liberals look to be all but wiped from the map as a result of their corruption and dishonesty.

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