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Before we go blaming Dan Andrews and Victorian health we should look at how densely populated Victoria is compared to any other Australian state or Territory.

Victoria is Australia’s second smallest state, (227,010 sq km) with the second largest population, (6.69 million). The only state smaller than Victoria is Tasmania (64,519 sq km)

The ACT is smaller again but she’s a territory her population is 457000 in an area 2,358 sq km.

NSW has the largest population 8.18 million but in an area of 800,648 sq km.

This is another reason why Daniel Andrews has had to go hard on quarantining.

People living in such close proximity make it easier for such a virulent virus to spread.

More people on public transport, more chances of close contact but people seem to want to forget this.

Victoria also takes a large proportion of overseas travelers into hotel quarantine, but our media see nothing positive only attack an elected official, a well respected Premier.

Countries around the world are now following Dan Andrews and Victorian style management of this virus but our Australian media just attacks. It’s truly sickening.

But the right wing media don’t want to see it that way they want to attack Dan Andrews and we have to read or listen to their sickening bias. The latest article by the arrogant and ignorant Bolt just shows us all how frightened Morrison and Murdoch are of Daniel Andrews.

At NO time have the media been able to find one positive with Dan Andrews handling of the virus, yet they turn a blind eye to the failures in other Liberal states.

At the Bulletin we can only describe the so called journalists as vultures trying to peck away at a Premier who has made himself available to these vultures daily yet they still want to demand more time from him for their asinine questions.

We have never before witnessed press conferences like this, only since Covid and Dan Andrews popularity have we seen these vermin that call themselves journalists behave in such a despicable way. Surely whoever trained these hacks would be embarrassed by their inability to ask a succinct question.

People have a right to be angry with what we witness daily of the double standards of Murdoch and now the ABC commentators.

Berejiklian has denied access to certain journalists to her press conferences, she picks and chooses can we all imagine what would happen if Dan Andrews did that?

Berejiklian cuts the medias questions short and is abrupt and evasive when answering, if Dan Andrews did that the Murdoch journalists would be baying for blood.

Let’s all remember that Gladys stuffed up hotel quarantining, Gladys allowed international pilots to roam Sydney willynilly. Gladys allowed the first plague ship to dock in Sydney and allowed 3,000 to disembark. Gladys allowed ex Liberal Ministers and Prime Ministers to quarantine at home. Gladys said they couldn’t find the original source in the Northern Beaches shutdown which spread to Berala. Gladys allowed 40 people to die in Aged Care facilities, yet Gladys is NEVER harassed or attacked like Dan Andrews is.

Australians are hating Mainstream journalists with good reason Australians want fair impartial reporting but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen that.

We need to stop the sewer rats that Murdoch employs.

L.S. - AuspollBulletin

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