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An Editors opinion and warning .

Facebook have started their part in the re-election campaign of Morrison and the LNP.

Many Facebook groups are receiving notifications that they will be shut down if they receive any complaints from members of their groups and the list of groups is growing.

But let us start at the beginning.

We wrote many many months ago about “The Dirt Unit” it was originally set up by Abbott and its job was to find all dirt on politicians and even if the “dirt” was sketchy the paid staffers and young Liberals run with it on social media.

We remember the disgraceful comments about Bill and Chloe Shorten and Tanya Plibersek and her husband that were pushed out on to social media groups just months before the 2019 election.

This is what the dirt unit does it spreads lies and propaganda for the LNP.

What they also do is use fake profiles to badger, harass, intimidate, abuse and yes troll Labor party pages , spreading fake news and lies about Labor.

Most of us would have been called lefttards or communists by these trolls but that’s just what they do up front it’s their actions behind the scenes that cause the most problems for Administrators of pages and for individuals that support and follow Labor.

At first the “dirt unit”, (run we believe now by Dutton,) is set to work to infiltrate closed pages run by labor supporters to watch screenshoot and report back comments that are made against the government or any LNP minister.

Comments they find that could go against community standards they report but not just one report but multiple reports by fake profiles.

So many of these fake profile trolls can never be removed, many have tried reporting offensive comments from serial trolls and yet they remain, yet Labor supporters on Labor pages are being removed for defending their party, their beliefs and for the most innocent comments compared to the abuse from the “dirt unit”.

It’s starting to become blatantly obvious but there’s nothing we can do about it. The LNP are in control and they hate free speech and they hate groups discussing and sharing negative articles on Morrison or any of his ministers.

Closed Facebook group administrators are being accused of bullying their members by Facebook. An example which came to light last weekend, an Admin was notified by Facebook that there was a breach of community standards regarding a post made on their page, the Admin then notified the person who posted the article asking them to reword it, the member instead of doing what was asked by the Admin reported the Admin for bullying. Groups have their own rules and Admin has the final say so it’s bizarre that an Admin could be accused of bullying when they were addressing a complaint from Facebook.

It left many angry and scratching their heads that a group that has strict rules on swearing and abuse would be targeted this way.

You will find the same names popping up on News outlets like the SMH and the Australian. The same names are on Anthony Albanese’s page and other Labor pages. These profiles either don’t work as they are on some pages 24 hours a day or they are LNP staffers spreading the LNP propaganda.

The Bulletin has again been under attack by Facebook they have halved our reach in the last 4 months. Some of our Editors and writers have been stopped from sharing our articles, accusing our editors of spamming if we share it to more than 3 groups. We have been stopped from sharing to our own pages. It’s childish games being orchestrated by our Governments lackeys.

A list was forwarded to us from a source of which groups were being watched by Facebook and the Government, here is that list.

1. Libs are very weak economic managers 2. Football, meat pies 3. True Crimes Weekly 4. Juice Media 5. Left over Right 6. Australia is Better than this 7. Fair Go Maintain the Rage 8. Labor True Believers, political analysis 9. Tracking the Australian Right Wing and other extremists 10. Unions Australia 11. Stop Evil Murdoch 12. LNP The Great Australian Mistake 13. The National Times 14. Clowns of the Liberal Neobotaclypse 15. IPA and Libertarian Exposed 16. Left of Straya 17. Truth, Lies and other Liberal Promises 18. Australians for Progressive Government 19. Australia’s Shame Exposed 20. 1 million Strong Against the LNP 21. LNP has to go 22. The Liberal Muppet Show 23. Don’t Blame Me I Didn’t Vote Liberal 24. Aussie Lefties United 25. The Daily Times 26. LNP So out of Touch

The LNP will go to great lengths to be re-elected.

Word is that many in the LNP are petrified of a Federal ICAC so the lies and attacks will increase as we get closer to a Federal Election.


Australians want a Federal ICAC the LNP have ignored this for 2 years when they promised a Federal ICAC yet still nothing in this budget.


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Jul 20, 2021

The Asylum missed your list too. The Asylum had to be created because the group Weirdoz was deemed by Facebook to be constantly "against community standards" and closed without revision. Zuckerberg is a conservative at heart anyway. Yes, he is a Jew that is marginalised by WASP conservatives, but Zuckerburg knows which side his bank balance is buttered on. And it is not buttered on the working or middle class side. 'Scuse the mixed metafores.

The reactionary media are even more effective than Geobells ever was. One of my brothers stated that Australia's problems are all due to the state Labor government's. And the World's problems are due to THE LEFT MEDIA and COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS in South America! I asked…


Shaun Edward Minahan
Shaun Edward Minahan
Jul 18, 2021

"Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The TRUTH" never made the list. We must be under their radar.

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