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We saw how Gaetjens handled the Sports Rorts investigation. No one was questioned and

he reported what he was told to report.

Ms Higgins has asked for an independently run investigation and the Australian who should be asked to head this investigation is Elizabeth Broderick.

For people who don’t know Elizabeth Broderick AO she is an Australian lawyer, who was the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner for over eight years from 2007 to 2015 and has a United Nations special rapporteur for Discrimination against Women and Girls since 2017.

Peter Van Onselen on Twitter suggested she should be the Governments choice but Morrison chooses to go in house not even listening to the request of the victim, Ms Higgins.

Other politicians are also voicing loudly their disapproval that Gaetjens, Morrison’s man, should be given this very important investigation.

He’s proven he’s failed in investigating responsibly, he’s is biased in his reports and he favours “his man” Morrison.

Liz Broderick would be an understanding and competent investigators as she has already shown with her investigation into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force. “Review Into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force:”. Phase 1 Book by Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth Broderick has excellent credentials, a lot better than the LNP/IPA Gaetjens.


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