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And many thousands of Labor voters and supporters say he should go and join the Liberal party where he belongs.

Fitzgibbon has betrayed all the hard working labor people who have successfully campaigned for years for Australia to be nuclear power free.

Fitzgibbon has regularly de-stabilised the Labor leadership at critical junctures leading up to elections over the years , leading many good honest labor folks to question Fitzgibbons true loyalty.

The scene was set when Fitzgibbon took a writing job at one of uncle Rupert Murdoch's papers , and now we see what treachery Fitzgibbon intended in all it's traitorous glory.

Advocating for a nuclear power industry here in Australia when there is a well known ban , only suggests that Joel is now in the nuclear industries pocket as well as the fossil fuel industry.

The man is a traitor to the Labor party and Albanese must sack him or be seen as a do nothing opposition leader.

If Albanese does not sack Fitzgibbon , then the ALP is doomed come the Federal election as the voters will see that the leadership is gutless and lacks the conviction of it's principles, beholden to Fitzgibbon , many voters will abandon the ALP.

For the good of the party , Fitzgibbon must go.

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