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Morrison has shown Australians just how rude he is over his time in Parliament and now that he’s Prime Minister, he’s worse.

There’s something definitely wrong with a 52 year old man that doesn’t know right from wrong.

There’s something wrong with a man that just grabs at strangers.

Morrison has a very inflated opinion of himself and he also has a strong sense of self preservation.

And we have witnessed this on a grand scale in the last 3 years.

Morrison is arrogant and manipulative, he tries to portray himself as a “ daggy dad” which is a cringeworthy expression.

He tries to convince the public he’s a caring father while allowing two Australian children to sit on Christmas Island at great expense for no good reason.

Could it be because more people have sympathy for Nades, Priya and their two daughters than they do for Morrison and his clan ?

Morrison and his belligerent behaviour is becoming more sickening as each day passes yet we still have people that say he’s a great Prime Minister.

It’s amazing how people who voted for him that will make excuses for his faults and never recognize his MANY failings.

Morrison showed his petulant and childish behavior when he refused to shake Bill Shorten’s hand in church, let that sink in.

The faux Christian that grabs at people , trying to force them to shake his hand , refuses in a Church to do the right thing, the Australian thing and shake the Opposition Leaders hand in church.

That was a sign that Morrison has always felt he is better than everyone else.

We have seen and heard how Morrison has achieved becoming Prime Minister, he has stabbed colleagues in the back to get where he is, proving it’s all about him and his obsession with power.

There’s no humbleness to Morrison, there’s only arrogance.

He feels it’s his “god given right” to protect himself while throwing everyone else to the wolves.

Morrison shows his contempt for Australians voters and the Australian Parliament when he turns his back on the Opposition during Question Time and plays with his phone.

Morrison once again behaving like a spoilt child.

Morrison seems to have been hated even at school and university. And now Murdoch may try and convince the public that Morrison is well liked , but a lot of Morrison’s traditional voters are turning their back on the LNP.

Michael Towke was shamefully treated by Murdoch and Morrison as they impugned his character and destroyed his political dreams.

Colleagues have said he stole their ideas as their own to gain the job in New Zealand tourism.

Morrison is remembered for being lazy and incompetent at Tourism Australia.

Bridget McKenzie fell on her sword for Morrison over Sports Rorts , Linda Reynolds is doing the same over the rape in her office.

We remember when Kelly O’Dwyer complained about how women were treated in the LNP.

When Morrison took over she decided retiring was a better option than serving Morrison.

Julia Banks chose to leave the Liberal party and be an Independent rather than work under Morrison.

Morrison is a bully and we saw it during the bushfires, we have seen it during the pandemic.

Morrison is that kid at school or university that takes all the credit for the work on the group project but actually did nothing.

We all have had that experience.

As we know by Morrison’s smirking he really doesn’t know right from wrong or good from bad.

Any 52 year old man that has to have his wife tell him that rape is bad really is not normal.

Psychiatrists would have a field day trying to sort out Morrison’s problems and his odd behaviour, maybe Morrison should be in the Mental Health Unit ?

It seems that's where all the perpetrators go from the LNP.


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