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The Australian Government under Scott Morrison has continued to steam roll over legislation that Australian's have fought for.

Morrison is removing our rights at work with what Morrison calls new legislation when it's archaic and will see many Australian's join the ranks of the working poor. The working poor was not a concept Australia ever had, " a fair days work for a fair days pay" is what Australians have always believed in,but Morrison likes to paint all Australian's as lazy and weak. That's what his religion thinks of ordinary workers. We all know money is all Morrison thinks about and only for himself and his fellow Pentecostals.

Morrison and Porters legislation is following the American way, low wages, long hours, Australians should not be expected to live this way while hundreds of companies go without paying tax.

Again Morrison and his band of thieves enable the Murdochs,Rinehart,Forrest and Stokes of Australia to flourish while Australian workers and their families go with out and struggle to make ends meet.

These Industrial Relations changes are not the only changes Morrison wants, the absurd changes to superannuation being pushed by Tim Wilson is again more damagimg to workers than for politicians and businesses.

We all remember Morrison telling us the the Aged Pension "is not a right," Morrison should understand that his huge wage is not his right either and that he then is not entitled to 15% superannuation.

What does Morrison see happening if there is no aged pension in 20 years and workers have no super, he sees reverse mortgages on every home that Australians have worked hard for, he sees Australian's funding their retirement with their homes. It's just another way to bring in a Death Tax the sneaky way.

No inheritance for children of ordinary Australian's.

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