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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to condemn Donald Trump and his inciting of violence and the invasion of the capitol and congress by trump supporters.

Every other world leader except a handful have condemned Trumps incitement of the sedition like invasion and vandalism of the capitol building.

The invasion has been recognised by one and all as an attack on democracy itself , so why doesn't Morrison condemn the trump supporting mob of thugs ?

By not condemning such actions Morrison is saying to all and sundry , " I don't value nor will I protect democracy". That coupled with most of Morrison's actions as PM paint a picture of a man out for himself , much like Trump. Not governing for the people but holding power for the ability to provide corporate welfare to his corporate mates. And receive massive kickbacks for doing so .

Then there is the fact that Morrison and 13 of his ministers are members of the Hillsong cult.

And Morrison's propensity to insert fellow Hillsongers into every vacancy in every department and ministry.

So we have a man who is taking over Australia and the Liberal party with fellow Hillsongers , who claims to be a "Christain" but does not behave like one in the slightest .

And a man who refuses to condemn the anti democratic violence incited by Donald Trump.

Scott Morrison has a severe personal moral vacuum , smirking his way to being the most hated PM we have ever had , and no wonder , his government is a sadistic government full of corrupt people doing corrupt things , day in , day out.

Australia desperately needs a Federal election to get rid of this corrupt cabal.

The question now is "will Morrison go quietly?", or will he try and emulate his hero Trump ?

Either way , Australia and all Australians will be much better off when we finally get rid of this dodgy grubment.

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