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Tehan is way out of his depth for starters and the rest of the cabinet members do not leave the voters feeling their best interests will be looked after.

This is a disastrous , corrupt , and inept government. A slow motion trainwreck that we will all pay for for years to come.

The Chinese have given many indications that they will not deal with Australia until Morrison is no longer Prime Minister.

This is a massive problem for us all.

As the Chinese will not blink , so we must get rid of Morrison for the good of our trade relationship with our biggest trading partner.

Morrison has displayed complete ineptitude with his attempted diplomacy. Further putting the Chinese offside.

How much more of this can we take until the Liberal party get rid of Morrison?

Reshuffling ministries is one way of demanding loyalty from those who have been promoted , but how long does that kind of "loyalty" last in the cold hard world of Auspol.

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