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When you look at the calibre of Morrison’s corrupt team we have to wonder how anyone could vote for them. We know Morrison’s many failings, backstabbing, lying, corruption, arrogance, manipulation and slothfulness, drunkenness and he’s slovenly. He’s rude and abusive and a bully, he’s a misogynist just like Abbott. Morrison believes woman should be seen and not heard. Just ask Jen. So let’s look at others in Morrison’s Marauders , Porter and Tudge - infidelity, we can also add Littleproud and Joyce to that group. It’s not just their personal lives that are an embarrassment to the Australian public it’s their arrogance and feeling that it’s their “god given right” in Porters case to silence debate in Parliament to harass, bully and demean woman , just like Tudge. Then we have the dangerous crazies Kelly and the member for Manila, Christensen, who seem to be the cheerleaders of the conspiracy theorists spreading the unfounded clap trap of QAnon, (Morrison’s mates). Morrison allows this rabble to spread the lies as it suits his agenda. Then we have Herr Dutton who has wasted billions imprisoning refugees just for the fun of it. He had persecuted them for 7 years and now they are free, what did Dutton achieve nothing except satisfying his own lust for power. Dutton who has hounded, abused and bullied the Biloela family for 3 years, for what purpose ?, except to satisfy his own ego. A truly cruel unlikeable politician. Angus Taylor, the Goulburn millionaire who has helped increase his entire families wealth through government grants. Taylor who receives Government assistance for his own Country University. Taylor known for never being prosecuted for Watergate, Grassgate, or forged documents. Let’s look at the few women that Morrison will tolerate in his presence, Susan Ley, what can you say about Susan, she’s shifty and totally unlikeable. She’s greedy and treats taxpayers money as her own, but then all the LNP ministers do that. Michaelia Cash is a most disagreeable woman, when cornered and her own shortcomings are exposed she lashes out attacking Labor women , besmirching their good names to try and save herself. A most obnoxious individual. Linda Reynolds is Morrison’s yes woman, an insignificant minister that says nothing unless Morrison okays it. She’s in the same category as Marise Payne, another yes minister to Morrison. Then we have Anne Ruston a truly abhorrent minister, her crass and uncaring comments to those less fortunate is appalling. She comes across as one of the most heartless individuals in Morrison’s ministry. We could continue as not one LNP politician has shown any decency or any honesty, they are all allowed by Morrison to do what they want. Only corruption trickles down in the Morrison Government.

L.S. - AuspollBulletin

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