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Gladys Berejiklian has not one shred of credibility left due to her corruption , her connection to and secret relationship with Daryl Maguire.

Then there's the lying to ICAC under oath three times.

The Ruby Princess disaster which happened on her watch.

And once again Berejiklian is responsible for yet another wave of Covid19 infections spreading across Australia.

The people do not trust her or anything she says anymore as she says one thing and then does nothing.

A true liberal to her bootlaces it seems.

NSW citizens should be rightly concerned for their welfare with Berejiklian in charge.

Along with that disaster of a health minister , NSW faces months of testing ,case numbers , possibly deaths , that will all be on Gladys's head.

All this could have been avoided by locking Sydney down .

Time to resign Gladys Berejiklian.

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