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Gladys Berejiklian nominated by the Murdoch owned and controlled Australian newspaper.

What sort of madness is it to suggest or nominate Gladys Berejiklian Australian of the Year?

When reading that one just wants to scream.

Gladys LIED to NSW ICAC under oath 3 times.

Gladys destroyed documents to cover her corruption.

Gladys allowed the Ruby Princess to spread Covid around Australia.

Gladys has attempted to bully and harass all Labor Premiers showing that Gladys doesn’t play well with others unless it’s Daryl McGuire.

Gladys continued a relationship with one of her ministers who had misappropriated funds, received payouts from businesses to pay off his debts, used Gladys to push through plans and grants to benefit McGuire's mates.

Gladys has wasted billions on inferior infrastructure, the light rail, stadiums, ferries and trains.

She supported Perrottet with his failed ICare costing millions and having failed NSW workers. ICare is mismanaged and on the verge of collapse.

Gladys cut funding to Bushfire services before last years unprecedented fires. Gladys refused help when NSW residents were stranded on beaches for days and even now 12 months later she has done nothing to help the residents living in tents and caravans.

Gladys has allowed the Koala population to be decimated by allowing logging in old growth forests and by allowing mines to encroach into National Parks.

Gladys has closed fire stations, sold off hospitals, sold our roads, NSW the most tolled state. Gladys has wasted millions wanting to move the Parramatta Heritage area and by moving the Powerhouse.

Under Gladys high rise buildings collapse.

Gladys has her own version of sports Rorts.

Gladys does not deserve the accolades or the nomination, Gladys should have been sacked and if Gladys is awarded Australian of the Year all other prior recipients should be disgusted.

It will lower the importance of Australian of the Year giving it to Berejiklian who has proven to be useless and corrupt.

Gladys is unfit to be NSW Premier so she definitely isn’t worthy of being Australian of the Year.


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