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This corrupt Crime Minister is a self made man — not by FAIR means but rather by FOUL. He puts his limited intellect to work out all manner of devious mechanisms to rob the poor to give to the rich. He operates in complete opposition to the Robin Hood principle. He has stacked the remuneration board with Liberal Mates. He started out with a $500,000+ salary that has now grown to $$768,997 in two years?? He is now the highest paid politician in the OECD and not worth even one cent of it. This man is as crooked as they come. He lies, cheats, scams and thieves from the sick, vulnerable and disabled members of society and for what?? So he can end up like Trump on a Legal Chopping Block? This insufferable, Pentecostal Psychopath is guilty of diminished responsibility, he accepts no responsibility for his numerous misdeeds, he is an intellectually lazy, indolent, lying manipulative monstrosity. When will this country wake up to his never ending malfeasance and get rid of him ASAP.


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