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First Kelly , now Christensen speak up against the vaccine and support QAnon conspiracies.

One must ask since Jen Morrison’s best friend is QAnon and she is paid to hold Jen Morrison’s hand daily , what power does this QAnon extremist group have over Morrison and our LNP Government?

Why hasn't Morrison condemned Kelly for his spreading of conspiracy theories before now ?

A strong leader would put these nobodies in their place but Morrison allows them free reign, is it because he supports these ridiculous conspiracies?

Morrison is a Pentecostal after all .

Here is Christensen's latest "defense" of Craig Kelly's garbage ,

Blatant lies with classic propaganda imagery from Georgie boy.

George Christensen MP has some curious friends.

Here he is with well known Neo Nazi , Kane Miller , "Leader" of the Tru Blu cru , a "Patriot" white power group. He is known to have several close friendships with a number of known Neo Nazi's.


George Christensen was caught "red handed", "inflagrante dilecto" having sex with an underage "sexworker" in Manilla in 2018-2019 , by Chinese operatives and video footage was taken.

That footage was then used to blackmail Christensen.

What was extracted from Christensen ?

Did it involve National Security ?

Whatever it was, it was enough for ASIS to go and "buy back" that video footage from the Chinese operatives to cease the ongoing blackmail of an Australian Federal MP.

What was "paid" to "buy back" that footage?

Too many questions left un answered on this , and after a "D" notice was placed on this story by the Turnbull Government , nothing has been forthcoming to enlighten us as to whether our national security has been compromised by this Right Wing buffoon and his peculiar peccadilloes.

And now this dangerous fool is supporting that other imbecile Craig Kelly , in his disinformation campaign against accepted scientific facts regarding Covid19.

We know that within Kelly's seat there is a move underway to get rid of him any way they can. Both from within the LNP and from the general populace , as many folks have just had enough of his propaganda and lies.

We can only hope that the constituents of the member for Manilla's seat see what an offence to decency he is and do the same.

Many thoroughly offensive QLD LNP "politicians" seats are marginal , and without Clive palmers assistance , they look to be extremely vulnerable.

The coming federal election is our best chance to remove these oafs and despots from office , for the good of our country and it's people.

R.Wallace - AuspollBulletin

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