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By R.J.Holden.


In this article I have sought to explain why there are so many inexplicable Government decisions that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. That is, until one suspends one’s thinking of a normally humane individual and think instead as an illogical psychopath would do. It is only then, after recognising a consistent pattern of behaviour, that the answers start to reveal themselves. And those answers are too shocking for words.


The Liberal Party has been engaged in a Money Laundering Racket ever since the current Liberal Leader came to Power. The Liberals rely on a very simple, but remarkably effective formula in order to evade detection and accumulate enormous wealth. The formula is rigorously adhered to by the following means:

1 Always engage Liberal friendly Companies and Liberal friendly Mates to perform all Services that the government may require.

2 Always pay excessively higher fees for all services provided to the Government. This may be as much as double the stipulated fee or may even be considerably more.

By religiously adhering to guidelines above the Liberals have managed to evade detection for a very long time until the fiasco connected with the purchase of the 12-hectare pocket of land at the Leppington triangle, Badgerys Creek arose. This Land was purchased when the Crime Minister was the Treasurer for which the Government paid $30.00 million. This land was officially valued at $3 million which represents 10 times its actual value.

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) started to audit the purchase and the Crime Minister immediately defunded the ANAO to prevent the audit proceeding. This matter was then referred to the AFP for investigation, the outcome of which remains unknown. This incident represents the first time the Crime Minister’s Money Laundering Racket has been officially questioned and investigated.


The writer first stumbled on the Government’s Money Laundering Racket by an innocent little meme published on Facebook in connection with the $80 million paid for water that did not exist. In this cryptic meme Barnaby Joyce was bragging: “I purchased $80 million of water from a Company which our Energy Minister, Angus Taylor used to be the Director of” and the Crime Minister then chipped in: “Yes and that lovely Company donated $55,000 to the Liberal Party!!” This meme immediately caught my attention. What if this is the process applied to all Government expenditure? So, I began to monitor all the public transactions made by the Crime Minister.

The first transaction that comes to mind is the Empathy Trainer. He was paid $190,000 of which the Empathy Trainer retained $90,000 while $100,000 was donated back to the Liberal Party. Next was the Eye Specialist retained to treat the eye conditions of Aboriginal people. I don’t know exactly what he was paid except that the Specialist indicated he was paid twice his regular fee.

Remember the fury of the Crime Minister when the Medevac Bill was passed in the house? On the face of it this reaction did not make much sense. Why would the Government so strenuously object to the Refugees receiving adequate medical care in an Australian Hospital? The answer lies in one simple explanation: moving the Refugees out of the Detention Centres disrupts the Government’s Money Laundering Racket. The Government has an arrangement with Serco in which the Government pays exorbitant fees to Serco for (i) managing the Detention Centres and (ii) paying a fee on a per person basis for managing each Refugee. When the Refugees are transferred to an Australian Hospital the Government cannot establish the same Money Laundering arrangements with the Hospital, State Health Departments, that it had with Serco. Thus, the Medevac Bill effectively meant the Liberals would lose their well laundered flow of money.

The Medevac Bill was eventually repealed and what did the Crime Minister then do? He locked them up in Motels obviously owned by a Liberal friendly ‘Mates’ from which point the flow of money from the Refugees was re-established. This repeated pattern of behaviour is sufficient to explain all the overtly otherwise inexplicable and implacable decisions the Government makes in relation to the management of the Refugees. The Refugees simply represent money making opportunities that the Crime Minister will not lightly give up. This pattern of behaviour explains why the Government will not accept the New Zealand offer in relation to the transfer of up to 1500 Refugees. It also explains why the Government clings so tightly to the retention of the Biloela Family of Christmas Island. It has everything to do with their Money Laundering Racket and absolutely NOTHING to do with the Welfare of the Refugees.

When trying to understand the motivation behind the inexplicable always look for a pattern of behaviour associated with the situation. I found in relation to the above cited examples, there were sufficient clues to explain the inexplicable behaviour of this very evil, very terrible, very wicked Government lead by an equally evil monstrous megalomaniac.


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Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson
19 de fev. de 2021

thank you for those facts... you make the mirky lib/nat party a little clearer..... i cannot understand the greed, especially when it is destroying the country they live in.....

keep up the good work and perhaps together we can get them flung out in disgrace at the next election

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