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Despite what many sycophants in the media are saying about Morrison , he is no "unifier" , nor is he "popular" . It has been shown repeatedly that Polls , and especially Murdoch polls , are rigged. Morrison has no policies , only spin and lies.

Why any journalist worth their salt would pay any attention to polls is beyond comprehension.

Why any journalist would support the worst prime minister we have ever had is also beyond comprehension , unless they have been paid or threatened.

The Murdoch minions are the single greatest threat to our democracy here in Australia , with their sickly sweet articles of pure fantasy on the Morrison disaster. Creating an extremely false narrative is bordering on criminal. Attacking the Labor party even though blind Freddy can see that we desperately need a Federal Labor government .

And then there's the PM's membership of the cult of Pentecostalism and his pushing of Pentecostals and other right wing religious denominations into his government every chance he gets .

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state ?

The truly Independent media in Australia have their work cut out for them countering all the MSM propaganda and lies. The rise and rise of independent social media outlets is one of the reasons for the attack on google and Facebook by Murdoch , Nine , and Morrison. Genuinely independent social media news outlets are the biggest threat to the Morrison govt and Murdoch and they seek to reign that in anyway they can.

Furthermore , the election is not a popularity contest between Albanese , and Morrison. It is the chance for us all to vote for our LOCAL CANDIDATE. A chance to actually REMOVE the LNP candidate in YOUR electorate. If all of us that can see through the propaganda and lies of Morrison do just that , we will get rid of this disgustingly corrupt excuse for a government.

Remember , last election LABOR received MORE primary votes than the LNP , it was Palmers preferences that rigged the outcome.

SO , vote carefully , do your research , and when the time comes , do not forget what this Trumpist government has done to this country over the last 7 - 8 years.

R.Wallace - Auspollbulletin

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