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This guy is relentless with the bullshit! Here’s just a few quotable quotes from the last week:

“New South Wales is the gold standard. I don’t spend too much time worrying about New South Wales, because they’ve demonstrated why I don’t have to,” he said.

“New South Wales is very conscientious, the people of New South Wales are also very conscientious. They respond quickly and responsibly."

“By doing that, they not only keep the rest of New South Wales safe, but also the rest of the country.” Wattha? He is seriously delusional!

“New South Wales’ ability to stand and remain open during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 had an immeasurable benefit to the national economy. Where other states faulted, New South Wales stood very strong,” he said.

“Had the New South Wales economy not remained open in 2020, we would not be seeing the strength of the recovery in the comeback we announced.”

Where does he get that NSW was the reason for the surprise 3.3% GDP jump? Strength of recovery in the COMEBACK we announced? So announcing a COMEBACK did the trick eh? Not iron ore prices.

This guy just shovels manure day in day out. And why did he have to do a virus update presser instead of one of the 3 usual NSW LNP stooges? Did he not trust them? Or, did he see a photo-op moment? And what was he doing in The Lodge when parliament is finished – perhaps because Kirribilli is in Sydney? We know how he loves to avoid any personal dangers like bushfires, smoke, angry fire victims and more. So if he was there then it is unlikely Jen and the billy-lids were in Kirribilli. Have they already scarpered off on holidays down south?

No wonder China won’t talk to him or Payne or Birmingham. No time for LNP bullshit. But maybe we have export potential in fertiliser!?

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