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At the Bulletin/Rural Independent we have had a staff member and her husband visit Anthony Albanese’s Facebook page to see the reactions from the LNP paid trolls and their dirt unit , to comments made by men and women.

One of our writers and her husband posted nearly the exact same comments and the difference was dumbfounding.

Whereas the woman’s profile was attacked as being a feminist and man hater and one hilarious comment saying that Labor was instigating a “feminine coup” into the Australian Parliament, whereas the male profile was ignored.

Labor supporters liked his comment and were supportive whereas the trolls ignored the comment and would not engage the male profile.

Here are some examples:

"So why didn't she report it when it allegedly happened ? And what happened to innocent until proven guilty ?? MPs have his bloke hung , drawn , quartered before he even sees the inside of a court room."



Who knows what the truth is"


"Plenty of Women are capable of making up all kinds of stories

Happens in the Family Court everyday of the week."


This from a woman:

"I agree and I bet her boyfriend is behind this either for monetary gain or he is a leftie and wants revenge all too suss."


"Well that is just something we will have to see play out won’t we ; however if me must talk about evolution let’s take a look at femtwats who want to be men so badly that they hate men for being what they are incapable of being."


Feminists are so insecure and so incapable of finding where they fit in todays world ( oh! am I the perpetual victim or am I a strong empowered, but overly hairy and probably unattractive woman), that they are now the clowns of society, hilarious, sub humans that must lie and cheat to get what they want, which is usually financial gain without the hard work associated with earning an honest living!.........if we must talk of education maybe we need an education program for girls to teach and encourage them not to grow into violent women who murder children. Now in closing some research!.....ABS statistics show clearly that children are safest with their biological father than any other person including their it or not honey.....them's the apples."

This was the comment written under the man’s profile.

“The shameful mouthing off of men that want to make this a male v female argument. They are acting as if they are the only ones that have been hard done by. They all think they are the victims and maybe it hasn’t gone their way in court BUT it doesn’t mean they should lessen the severity of what happened to Ms Clarke and Ms Higgins by making this all about them being down trodden. Just a sickening display of male arrogance.”

No arguments or debates were entered into by the trolls or the men and woman on Anthony’s page that have spent the last 4 days victim blaming.

The absolutely appalling and disgraceful comments especially towards Ms Higgins by both men and woman is disgusting.

Both men and women wishing to attribute blame to Ms Higgins for her going to Parliament House, with the disgusting line “what did she expect would happen” ? We can probably say she didn’t think she was going to be raped by a colleague.

These trolls only repeat the LNP narrative, they only see where Ms Higgins is in the wrong and should have been more careful while nothing is said about the male, the perpetrator.

At no time did we read a comment by any of these LNP supporters condemning the perpetrator as doing the wrong thing.

We ask why is it never expressed by the LNP supporters that men should learn that rape is wrong, probably because our Prime Minister needed his wife to inform him that rape was wrong.

Men should realize that if a woman is drunk it does not mean they are fair game, any decent man, and we know that there are a lot of decent Australian men, that they would instead see that a woman arrived home safely, but the Neanderthals that follow the LNP think it’s okay, and I use the word Neanderthal towards the LNP women as well.

Questions have been raised by other areas in the community as to whether Ms Higgins drink was drugged.

The description given by security of Ms Higgins hours after her ordeal could lead people to believe that that could have been what happened.

But we will not know since Ms Higgins wasn’t taken to hospital so no blood tests were taken so we will never know if she was just intoxicated or drugged.

No debate should even be necessary on this topic or any topic where woman are hurt. It’s pretty simple really:

Rape is bad.

Physical Violence towards women is bad, and yes we know some women can be violent toward men, but that is the minority.


Check out the body language from Morrison and his mates.

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