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"WA’s Premier Mark McGowan finally named the inflatable Bunnings shark in the room: “It was pretty outrageous what the Federal Government did to the Victorian Government. Their behaviour was appalling. Mr Frydenberg and some of those characters, their behaviour was appalling."

"Daniel Andrews did what he had to do, he did what he had to do… The fact they undermined, criticised, attacked the whole way along during a period of extreme pressure was appalling.” Every single day of Melbourne’s soul-crushing, incredibly successful second lockdown, Daniel Andrews spoke to Melburnians. He didn’t always have good news, but he did at the very least have the courtesy to look us in the eye and live this trauma with us. For Victoria, Scott Morrison didn’t exist. Not once did the Prime Minister speak directly to us without dog whistling to the rest of the country or demanding that we prematurely open up. Echoes of Trump’s “China Virus” – “The Victorian wave” he liked to call it."

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