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So deluded is he.

Of COURSE the WA Liberals will be all but wiped out this coming state election , they have done NOTHING but carp and whine about the hard border , they will NOT have their election promises costed by treasury as is the custom.

Most Western Australians are rightly highly suspicious of the Kirkup and the Liberal party he "leads".

Many just do not trust them at all.

Mark McGowan has a rough figure of over 8 billion dollars the Liberals have promised in their election campaign so far , and is quite correct when he says that the Liberals nearly bankrupted WA last time they were in power , and look like they will do it again given the chance.

Their preference for brainfarts instead of feasibility studies and actual policies is also a very bad look.

The greater percentage of Western Australians are extremely happy with and thankfull of the Mark McGowan led Labor State government for keeping ALL WA citizens safe during the Covid19 crisis.

Pic - Mark Mcgowan , WA Premier.

R.Wallace - Auspollbulletin

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