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Never had a real job.

Never been a minister.

Election promises uncosted.

No economic qualifications at all.

No one else wanted the leadership of the WA Libs for good reason.

The WA Liberals repeatedly called for the hard border to come down in the middle of a pandemic.

The WA Liberals stopped the Corruption Commission from having Commissioner Mckechnie installed for a second term because he was very good at exposing and charging corrupt individuals in the Liberal party.

West Australian Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup has dismissed the findings of the latest Newspoll, but says it confirms that Labor could take "total control" of the WA Parliament in the upcoming March election.

Both denying and confirming the poll in the same breath.

Key points:

The Newspoll of 1,034 voters points to a 12.5 per cent swing to Labor.

If the results were replicated across all seats, the Liberals would have just two Lower House MPs.

Mr Kirkup says he rejects the findings of the poll "entirely".

He is a fool.

The Newspoll , just three weeks out from the state election , shows WA Premier Mark McGowan could be on the way to a history-making victory, with Labor ahead of the Liberals 68-32 on a two-party preferred basis.

The poll of 1,034 voters suggests a 12.5 per swing to Labor, which would see the Liberal Party reduced to just two Lower House seats if the swing were replicated across all electorates.

About 10 per cent of respondents chose Mr Kirkup as their preferred premier, compared to Mr McGowan's rating of 88 per cent.

Mark McGowan and his hardworking Labor team are trusted by the majority of Western Australians for good reason.

About 70 per cent of the state is expected to vote early this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with early voting permitted from next week, making the next few days crucial for campaigning.

Mr Kirkup, who sits on a margin of just 0.8 per cent in his seat of Dawesville, will most likely lose his seat .

"These polls will come and go and we've seen in the past how unreliable they are," The Premier has said.

"We are 21 days away from the next election and that's what we're solely focusing on at this time."

When questioned about the poll, the Premier said the results should be taken "with a grain of salt".

"I just think the polls are wrong," Mr McGowan said, noting there was a history of polls being "wildly inaccurate" in other election races.

"I just urge you all to realise the election is still three weeks away. A lot can happen.

"I just think everyone needs to take a cold shower."

"Labor want to make sure that they seize control of Parliament without any checks or balances," Mr Kirkup said. Completely ignoring the damage the Liberals have done to their own election chances .

He said there would be a "real risk" for WA if Labor achieved a swing of the magnitude predicted by the poll.

A risk that the voters of WA will continue to support the government that has kept Western Australians safe during the covid19 pandemic.


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