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A Liberal controlled Parliamentary committee has released an authoritarian vision for Australian democracy, including:

Abolishing compulsory preferential voting and replace it with optional preferential voting, undermining our compulsory voting system.

Introducing voter ID laws, disenfranchising our most vulnerable citizens, including people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence, and many First Nations Australians.

Abolishing by-elections and allow the retiring member’s party to choose their replacement, eroding the democratic right of Australians to elect their lower house representatives.

Stopping workers and third parties from speaking to voters as they go to cast their ballot.

Many no doubt ever thought they would have fight for democracy here in Australia. but here we are with the creeping fascism of the most corrupt and sadistic "Government" in our history.

Morrison and Co. seem to have figured out that the bulk of the populace hate him and his corrupt cabal so they will attempt to pervert our elections by eroding our compulsory voting system so they can still "win".

If these changes are passed it is likely that we will NEVER be able to get rid of the corrupt LNP unless the people take to the streets in large numbers and force them out.

Last Federal election was bought by the LNP with Clive Palmers help.

The next federal election they intend to say who can and who cant vote , and along with doing away with by-elections , and the rest of the proposed changes , there will be NO democracy here in Australia.

Auspoll Bulletin.

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