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Alexander (Dolly) Downer has spoken.

Downer has given new American President Joe Biden some apple pie advice telling him to just forget about poor old Donny Trump and 'move on' never mind the fact Trump incited sedition and the riot in Washington.

In Downers myopic mind it's not worth worrying about. But like most Liberal Party members Downer seems besotted with Donald Trump.

The man who famously joked about domestic violence and called the DV policy he was announcing , "The things that Batter" , showing his complete and utter inability to grasp the serious matter of domestic violence.

He also was the one who directed ASIS to bug the Timorese during the oil field negotiations in Timor Leste. Dolly has quite a history of faux par's and missteps , he is not a person who can pontificate or lecture anyone on morals .

Downer also has a long history of being a US Republican sycophant and hearing him "advise" Biden to not impeach Trump is not surprising.

However, in many American minds Trumps actions on the 6th of January are unforgivable and he should be pursued to the extent that Donald Trump can never again stand for public office in the United States.

Perhaps it would be a good idea if Dolly Downer just shut up , got back to his crossdressing , and minding his own business.

Dolly Downer's comments are repeated below :-

Biden ‘should stop’ Trump’s impeachment to unite America 21/01/2021 Former foreign minister Alexander Downer says if President Joe Biden wants to unite the country, he should stop the impeachment of Trump and “just move on”.

“I think they should abandon the impeachment process and then just move on and try to win over some of those 74 million people,” Mr Downer said.

Mr Downer said Joe Biden would need to take the sting of partisanship out of the presidency considering his two predecessors were “extremely partisan”.

“There’s no doubt Donald Trump was a partisan president, so was Barack Obama before him,” he said.

“Joe Biden’s CV suggests he can bring the two sides together, but we’ll just have to see.” Mr Downer said Joe Biden’s recent signing of an executive order to stop building the wall to Mexico will leave him confronted with people moving from the central America to the United States.

“That’s going to be one of his really big issues early on, how does he unite the country when dealing with issues like that? We’ll just have to wait and see.”

So we can see just what kind of special Alexander really is. Just another Trumpist making excuses for unforgivable behavior. Just like Morrison and his band of anti democracy goons.

TDT -AuspollBulletin

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