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Our Crime Minister believes in GOBBLEDYGOOK!! Can you imagine?

But what is GOBBLEDYGOOK? Well it’s the set of the PENTECOSTAL DOCTRINAL BELIEFS. These beliefs are set out on numerous posts in Facebook today. However, the most damaging edict is:

‘Promote the transfer of wealth from the poor to the Church!!’ What this effectively means is that the Crime Minister believes that he is sanctioned by God to steal from the poor to give to the wealthy. This he has been doing ever since he became the Crime Minister. It also gives us an understanding of the reason behind ROBODEBT and the INDUE CARD. For no matter how often the Crime Minister is told that these schemes are both ineffective and causing harm, he carries on regardless.

Both schemes were and are an ingenious way of fleecing the poor not only to give to the wealthy but also to give to the Pentecostal Cult. This he has been doing with monotonous regularity. We see the man as Evil, but the truth of the matter is that he is so intellectually impoverished, he’s incapable of recognising how ridiculous the Pentecostal Cult actually is. This cult is totally lacking in any philosophical credibility and there is nothing in it but pure unadulterated GOBBLEDYGOOK.

The Pentecostal’s believes that the capacity to speak in unintelligible tongues is a gift from God endowed in specially favoured believers. Now, the standard philosophical and theological definition of God is a Being who is: Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Translated, that means God is all powerful, present everywhere at once and all knowing. So how could such a Being (if indeed he exists at all) endow specially chosen people to be speakers in unintelligible Tongues? That in itself makes no sense whatsoever.

But the most damaging consideration with respect to the Pentecostal Cult is that the Crime Minister has promoted 13 Pentecostals to the front bench. It is inconceivable that people who are so intellectually impoverished should ever become Ministers of the Crown let alone a Crime Minister!!

In order to believe such nonsense one would have to be either (i) psychologically disturbed; (i) intellectually impoverished or (iii) have criminal inclinations (such as pedophilia) and be hiding from the LAW. At any event, those above stated reasons would surely preclude such Believers from becoming the bedrock of Government. That the Crime Minister is incapable of recognising this makes him a very dangerous individual to be the Head of State. Added to these shortcomings he is also a Narcissistic Psychopath which makes him doubly dangerous.

Speaking for myself, I am thoroughly fed up with being Governed by a bunch of Prehistoric, Pentecostal Parasites. In addition, when one adds a Narcissistic Psychopath as Head of Government to the mix, together with 13 more Deluded Pentecostals, the situation is even more alarming, infuriating and unacceptable. Thank goodness there are so many of us on Facebook who are willing to show up and shout out the absolute outrageousness of this dreadful, disastrous, bloody awful Government.

R. Holden - Auspollbulletin

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