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We know Albo and his team have a hell of an agenda and are well and truly working their way through it, but we want to help by pointing out some high profile changes that need to be made as soon as possible.

We’ll start with 3 of the most obvious who, thanks to Morrison and his cabal, have gotten away with serious failures. Peter Costello, David Hurley and Philip Lowe.

In one way or another, these people have breached their position by conflict of interest, acting outside their job description and probably worst of all, misleading the Australian public.

As a result, we believe Albo needs to have all 3 of these officers replaced immediately and with more independent and credible personnel.


Since 2006 this man was on the Future Fund board and in 2014 became its Chairman. This was on the back of some dubious outcomes when he was John Howard’s Treasurer – and possibly one of the luckiest.

Since then he has become Chairman of Nine Entertainment which owns MSM media such as The Age, SMH and the FinRev plus a bunch of right wing radio stations. As a biased Liberal supporter, he should not be charged with managing our sovereign savings fund. When Morrison brought forward the FF earnings from 2027 for use by his Government, Costello clearly did nothing to stop it. Costello and his business partners (eg. ECG Financial) has also benefited from Government funding in areas such as Defence.

And just in the last few days, he came out criticising both the Liberals and Labor as bad money managers but he especially called out our current PM who has been in the job a mere 6 months. Where was he when Morrison was crucifying our economy? We heard nothing from Costello for 10 years. Why? He knew how to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Now he uses his media to cast as bad a light as possible on Labor but never lambasts Morrison or his corrupt cronies.


Our current Governor General has had a chequered few years in the job since his mate Morrison appointed him. Hurley was seen to support and or protect Morrison on such matters as holding multiple ministries. In one of the most bizarre abuses of his role, was the Future Leaders Foundation where he personally lobbied Morrison for Government support.

At the time we reported all the questionable aspects of this entity. Morrison provided funding of $18M with no due process observed as usual. Fortunately, our new PM had this funding cut in September just as it should have been.

Lately, our GG’s office has come under further scrutiny following the bizarre behaviours of his wife Linda at official functions. She has somehow been permitted to sing! Even in front of visiting dignitaries! This is not only puzzling but completely inappropriate for the Office of GG.


The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has single-handedly damaged the trust-worthiness of his position. A position that all Australians look to for sound guidance and competent economic management. Last year, Mr Lowe made the grievous mistake of telling the public not to worry about interest rates and that they would not rise dramatically.

Wrong! As a result a large number of voters took out housing finance at ever increasing rates. Eventually, many of those people had to surrender their dream homes and return to renting or living with the folks.

The other problem with this is the fact that it all happened on Morrison’s watch. This is the PM with the worst track record for integrity and honesty. He would have been doing everything in his power to ensure another term in office. It is more than likely that he probably urged Lowe to spruik low rates at least until the election. But we will never know.

All in all these 3 men cannot be trusted or relied upon any longer.

Time to kick them out Albo! More competent and trustworthy officials needed pronto!


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