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The Federal Government in disarray.

Let’s look at a list of who should be removed from the Federal Government due to their mishandling of the alleged rape of Ms Higgins.

First to go should be Scott Morrison, he’s been found to have lied on numerous occasions about this incident, he’s lied in Parliament about this and has gone on the attack and Facebook trolls are blaming the victim because of Morrison hiding the truth.

Next Peter Dutton since he is responsible for security and the AFP who are implicated in failing their duty of care in this incident with Ms Higgins.

Christian Porter as Australia's Attorney General would have been involved in discussions and if Morrison is to be believed, which he is not, he kept this information from Morrison.

Linda Reynolds for covering up the offense, Michaelia Cash for an obvious lie yesterday concerning dates and times in Parliament.

As usual the LNP will circle the wagons, Morrison has thrown Linda Reynolds under the bus, like he does with all his ministers, Bridget McKenzie comes to mind with Sports Rorts.

The LNP are in damage control so we must be prepared for more lies and innuendo that will spew forth from the LNP.

All this to hide the fact that it is looking more and more like a staffer was NOT responsible for the alleged rape of Ms Higgins. A very big effort to protect someone much further up the chain we think.

Morrison could have had this dealt with "safely" after the last election , the fact that it is/was still being covered up until now says that the culprit is most likely an MP , or an ex MP.


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