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Many are discussing what will happen in the Liberal meetings next week, will Morrison be asked to step aside for a new face?

Morrison has painted himself into a corner with his disgraceful behaviour and comments about the alleged rape of Ms Higgins.

He has lied, the public don’t believe his cries he knew nothing.

If you believe Morrison and he didn’t know and was not advised by his staff or ministers for 2 years than there is a big problem with Morrison’s leadership.

Obviously his staff and his ministers don’t feel an obligation to inform their elected leader of such a serious and criminal act that happened in a Ministers office in Parliament House.

His staff and Ministers didn’t think it was necessary to advise Morrison that there had been a security breach were security guards were signing in intoxicated staffers late at night into what should be high security areas like the Defence Ministers office.

The Australian public have witnessed Morrison in action, he’s not someone who gets left out of the loop, he always likes his presence felt.

We all know Morrison runs his own show with the help of his Mentor Houston, we know that Morrison has increased the number of Pentecostals in his PMO, yet all of them kept him in the dark and for 2 years his ministers and staff were discussing this but Morrison didn’t know.

Before the last election Morrison sent out a message to all his ministers “no one is to do press conferences without first notifying the PMO” . Morrison wanted to control the narrative then and he’s doing it again.

Discussions will be had as to who could take over from Morrison.

Years ago before Watergate, Jamland and Angus Taylor’s fall from grace it may have been him but no more.

Peter Dutton had been mentioned but he’s being investigated again for more Rorts.

The ABC article on the infidelity and treatment of staffers by Porter and Tudge leave them way down the list now.

So it looks like Josh Frydenberg could be the only one that could possibly take over.

We noticed in last weeks press conference that Josh has perfected Morrison’s smirk so maybe he is the obvious choice.

We ask our readers to help us compile a list of why Josh Frydenberg would make a terrible Prime Minister.


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Feb 20, 2021

I wouldn’t overlook Porter in all this scandal. He has form.

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