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Last week we heard that Cormann faces fresh pressure over the government’s climate record, with the British opposition reportedly writing to Boris Johnson to demand the United Kingdom oppose the Australian’s nomination. Labour’s trade spokesperson, Emily Thornberry, has used the letter to argue that Cormann’s record on climate change is “one of denial, inaction and deeply retrograde steps on issues like emissions trading, carbon pricing, and fossil fuel investment”.

This follows on from letters by Bob Carr to 70 interested parties and Adam Bandt’s letters to all the ambassadors of OECD member countries. Apart from ScuMo, there is little support here for Cormann.

But Cormann still doesn’t get it! His response to the UK opposition included “the challenge in Australia, and globally, is not about whether to address climate change, but how this is done in an effective and least [costly] way.” What the hell does cost have to do with it? We’re still in the middle of a bloody expensive pandemic! Climate change is way more important!

Morrison doesn’t get it either! The Guardian recently reported him telling “a Pacific leaders’ summit he was “very confident” Australia would not need to draw on Kyoto protocol carryover credits to meet its 2030 Paris agreement targets.” He left the door wide open again!

Why is this OECD job so important to Morrison? Why was he so eager to jump on board and throw in heaps of taxpayer funds for the campaign? A DFAT officer and a team of 8.5 public service workers of various sorts have been working with Cormann and will return to their duties around March 2021. A RAAF Falcon jet has been flying him all over the world at over $4000/hr. Once the new Secretary-General has been announced in March, Morrison has said he will release the cost figures. (The winning candidate takes over on 1st June 2021)

Morrison clearly has an agenda which has not appeared anywhere that we could find. It appears though that he wants someone at the top of the OECD to interface on his behalf with the other member countries. We believe he will be looking to control or manipulate outcomes such as on climate change, to his advantage. As we have shown above, he does not get it and is hell bent of a fossil-fuel led recovery. We know it will fail. The OECD know it will fail and until it does and Australia backs up its great renewables track record with a complete climate change policy and credible target, Cormann may as well sit and ruminate in WA!

We suggest he checks out SEEK…..

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