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The answer is because many Liberals have invested in Astra Zeneca just prior to the announcement of the vaccine program. Dave Sharma looks to be the liberals "point man" on this as it seems he received some inside information from somewhere regarding investing in Astra Zeneca immediately prior to the vaccine program being announced. Sharma has already had to deny accusations of insider trading , and not very convincingly either. The circumstantial evidence indicates otherwise.

So we have a Government that has already shown that it is more interested in making some money for their mates than looking after the health of all Australians. The covid safe APP is just one example of profit before duty of care.

The Astra Zeneca vaccine's efficacy is as low as %62 while the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines efficacy are far higher. Dr Ananda - Rajah of Monash university says that the Astra Zeneca vaccine is not capable of achieving herd immunity with such low efficacy . It would only achieve partial immunity , with rolling out breaks in the community continuing.

And so it seems we have the Morrison govt spending large amounts of taxpayers dollars on a product that is second rate , and will leave up to %38 of the populace unprotected. A vaccine product that is inferior to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines ,and a product that many members of the Liberal party will make a profit on.

They are gambling with our lives for a profit .

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