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YES GOVERNOR GENERAL - Who really runs the Order of Australia awards ?

With the decision to award Australia's highest honour to Margaret Court, it feels eerily as though Yes, Minister has come to Yarralumla, with Jim Hacker playing the role of a hapless governor-general rubber-stamping what is put in front of him.

What else are we to make of the situation? Just six months ago, governor-general David Hurley vowed in a statement to Crikey to restore confidence in an honours system battered by politicisation and skewed towards the wealthy and politically connected. He then proceeded to make a culture wars decision which recognises someone who for the last 30 years has campaigned relentlessly for extreme socially conservative values as founder and pastor of a Pentecostal church.

Court's award is in fact a promotion. She was awarded an AO -- the second highest Australian honour -- in 2007, in the final year of the Howard government. The award recognised not only her extraordinary tennis career which ended in 1977 but also her "pastoral care" works in the community.

And "speaking in tongues ? The video that has been doing the rounds shows court fooling the whole gathering with it. Absolute gibberish. What a crock . Not exactly confidence inspiring , quite the opposite as we can see she is just speaking gobblety gook. They may call it speaking in tongues , but we all recognise it for what it really is. Speaking gibberish to bamboozle the feeble minded into thinking that gobblety gook actually means something. All it means is that they have a great scam going.

Pentecostals look down upon the rest of us , Christains that are not Pentecostals included. Their "prosperity doctrine " approves of and encourages theft from the poor to be given to the "church".

No compassion .

No credibilty.

That's pentacostalism.

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