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ScuMo can call the next election anytime between August and May 2022. Labor believe it will be a spring election between September and November. In a speech yesterday, Bill Shorten warned that Labor could not afford a "small agenda" and "would need to stand for something".

But there are other senior Labor figures who are not sure of Shorten's agenda and remember his 2 failed election campaigns which featured large complex agendas. There are still knives out for Albanese given that his poll performance against ScuMo is poor. The Coalition vs Labor ratings are a different story. 51-49 is neither here nor there but is in fact better than now for Labor than in 2019 when they were only 2% off.

As some pundits have observed, there is a 6-week hole in the parliamentary sitting calendar this year - a hole between 2nd September and of October. A hole that was NOT there in 2020!

Wanna bet there will be an election in during that hiatus??

Let's be clear. Labor need to be relevant definitely. Their agenda must cover the most critical issues confronting our country. It does not need to be complex and in fact pretty much every Australian knows what those issues are and they are NOT the ones ScuMo seems to concentrate on. There is a change in the wind - let's hope Bill Shorten can serve the cause and not hinder it!

2021 Sitting Calendar:

2020 Sitting Calendar:

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