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The Government are preparing an announcement on JobSeeker that is all PR, and no help for people facing poverty.

Leaks suggest that Morrison could roll existing supplements like Rent Assistance into the JobSeeker payment, to pretend he's increasing the rate without spending any money.

But wants introduce the Indue card where Indue will be paid up to $12 000 per year , per card to "administer" the card. Almost doubling the Jobseeker budget.

But it will do nothing to help people trapped out of full time work , who are forced to subsist on payments that are half the poverty line.

In fact the Indue card has been proven to substantially increase suffering and poverty , while making those who benefit from the Indue company rich. Wealth from poverty and suffering.

After 26 years of no increases to the Jobseeker/Newstart rate, it’s tempting to accept any change as something worth celebrating.

But in a wealthy country like Australia, anything less than the poverty line of $80 a day is a slap in the face for people who've been pushed to the brink in a brutal jobs market.

This is also pushing the crime rate up as people become desperate.

We can win a social safety net that we’re proud of.

But to do that, we need to start by calling this out for what this is: a cheap Morrison PR stunt designed to distract from the Government's many failures that have been on full display this week. And then vote these corrupt bastards out.


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