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Here is a "Christian" publication pretending to "mythbust" the truth.

It would be hilarious if it were not so serious.

Every instance of media reporting used in this article is truthful but is being called fake news just because it exposes them.

There are religious types in politics and the media attempting to dispel the so called "myth" that the Morrison Govt is rife with religious nutters. To no avail. Most people we have interviewed are livid that this is happening.

We also have so called "Media" outlets defending the Pentecostals and other right wing religious denominations in our Federal cabinet.

The Bulletin has been used as an example in this article , note that we used the word "allegedly" in our article. We stand by our list as whether they are Pentecostal or otherwise does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

It does not really matter what denomination the religious types in our federal cabinet are , and each persons personal beliefs should not really matter unless you are using your religious beliefs in a political way.

A block of at least 13 Ministers who are right wing and religious should worry everyone. Morrison seems to be collecting more and more Pentecostals and religious freaks in his Government . To what end ?

The coming early federal election will be most interesting as we predict there will be a flurry of Pentecostals preselected on Morrisons orders.

The separation of church and state is blatantly being ignored by the Morrison govt and certain sections of the media . In fact Morrison and his fellow Pentecostals are pushing Pentecostalism in some of our schools and elsewhere.

Pentecostalism is a cult and not a church and as such should not be anywhere near OUR schools and OUR Government at all.

And the pathetic Media folks who defend Morrison's religious zealotry in Government should hang their heads in shame. You know who you are.

R Wallace - AuspollBulletin

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